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The world’s first video tagging and analysis
software focused on hockey goalies.

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No more 4 hour editing sessions. Experience the world’s easiest video tagging workflow.


Finally get meaningful performance data about your players in game and during practice.

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Access amazing analysis software at an incredible price.

What’s New In 2?

Automatic Syncing

Do you have multiple iPads? Running out of space? Now your data syncs between devices and storage overflow gets pushed to the cloud.

Advanced Analytics

Add a new dimension to your performance perspective with power plays, penalty kills, shot identifiers, and so much more.

Improved Editing

Whether you’re working live or post-game, the world’s best tagging tool just got even easier to use.

Ben Bishop

Ben Bishop

“This is revolutionary! Every goalie at any level needs to be using this system. The tagging features, the performance library. There’s so much. It’s all there. What’s most powerful is that it is all just a tap or swipe away. Everything happens instantly.”

Improve Your Workflow

You’re a coach, not a video editor. Yet in order to compete you’ve had to spend hours organizing and editing game footage. Not anymore. SRS organizes and edits your video for you, letting you get back to coaching. In SRS 2.0, all of your videos and tags are stored in the cloud for easy syncing between all of your devices as well as relief from iPad storage limits.

Whether you bring your iPad to the game or review footage afterwards, SRS makes it easy to tag an entire game. Our interface is simple and easy to use. But don’t let that fool you. SRS lets you tag complex data not available on other platforms, like shot location and goal quality.

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Jake Allen

Jake Allen

“The SRS is the best video review system for goalies I’ve ever seen or used. First, the look and feel of the system is beyond anything I’ve used. Secondly, I cannot believe how goalie specific this product gets. They’ve thought of every detail.”

Understand Player Performance

Goalies have the toughest position on the ice, yet during the season most player development is usually reserved for the rest of the team. When goalies are able to carve out time to connect with the coach it is difficult to objectively understand the trends, strengths and weaknesses in their game. The SRS aggregates and contextualizes data to craft a meaningful story about your player’s performance. Data access is instant, actionable and provides comprehensive perspectives that help you and your player improve!

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Mike Valley

Mike Valley

“Double Blue’s new Save Review System is a complete package for goaltenders and their coaches. The system provides an accurate review of the goaltender’s performance. While doing so, the user experience is at an unprecedented level. There is no doubt that all goalies and their coaches from minor hockey to the pros will be using this on a daily basis. It’s that good.”

Better Than Ever

At Double Blue, we face the same challenge as our customers: never stop improving. That’s why the world’s greatest hockey tagging platform has a new design. SRS 2.0 is a huge release with a ton of new features and improvements to existing functionality. Everything in the app has been rethought in an effort to better tell the story of your players’ performances all while making your job easier. With new tag types, unprecedented visualizations and cloud syncing, SRS has never been better. We think you’re going to love it.

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